Want Control Of Your Country Back? Here’s How.

Stop Hitting Yourself! Why Are You Hitting Yourself?

Remember the bully who wrestled you to the ground, grabbed your arms and began hitting you with them?

 Hopefully, that never happened to you. But if it did, it’s happening again right now. The only difference is that you don’t know who is responsible.

The people responsible are your neighbors. Not likely your next-door neighbors but the people in your neighborhood you elected to political office.

I’ll explain.

There is no such thing as government.

It is not a thing in and of itself. It is a group of people who conned us into believing that they would fight for us, protect us and make sure everyone played by the rules. In a perfect society, they would do just that. But we don’t have a perfect society. Not even close. And it’s our own fault.

 Case in point. The Great Recession was brought about by Wall Street criminals who corrupted the system for their own gain.

When it all collapsed and a great many of us lost all our savings, investments and homes, the people responsible needed to be held accountable. Needed to be prosecuted and jailed.

Were they? No. We were told the same people who corrupted the system were the only people capable of fixing the problems they created. And so, the “government” rehired them with the taxpayers’ money to bail out financial houses and banks that were “Too big to fail.”

While our jobs were being eliminated at a furious pace

Think about this. The government of the largest capitalist nation that ever existed is comprised of people who know nothing about capitalism or business. They are instead, for the most part, lawyers. People trained as professional liars. People trained to serve only those who pay them for their service.

Have you contributed to your representatives’ political action committee?

No? Then they aren’t going to do a single thing to protect your interests.

Want an example?

Executed during the Obama administration the fiduciary rule was created to place new requirements on brokers who handle retirement accounts (please note that this is the money people who work for living set aside for when they are no longer able to work) to make them act in the best interests of clients, rather than just ensuring they are offered suitable products,” says an article at MarketWatch.

A federal court has just struck down the rule.

“In a split decision,” MarketWatch continues, “the Fifth Circuit Court — which covers Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi — ruled that the Labor Department overreached by requiring brokers and others handling investors’ retirement savings to act in clients’ best interest.”

“The Rule is unreasonable,” the court’s decision read.

This is disgraceful!

Here is the most insidious part of the equation.

The reason they keep getting elected is that they spend millions of dollars on spin doctors and professional marketers to convince you that unless you re-elect them to office, America will fall into the arms those trying to destroy this great country.

 It is a psychological trick created by the Nazi Hermann Goering


The reason your representative can avoid the consequences of their actions is that they spread the blame. If it’s a Democrat state, they blame the Republicans for trying to destroy America, if republican, they blame the Democrats for trying to destroy America.

 And they’ll keep it up for as long as it keeps getting them elected.

The truth is neither the republican or democrat voter want to destroy America. They both want jobs, affordable healthcare, updated infrastructure and a crime-free environment.

 It is our elected officials who are destroying America, piece by piece, bit by bit.

We need to bring this country back under our control. How is this done? Simple. Under no circumstances vote for your current elected representative. Doesn’t matter if you’re a republican or a democrat. They are equally corrupt.

If you really care about this country, republican or democrat or independent, make sure you are registered to vote in this coming election and in the primary make sure the incumbent does not get your vote.

Once both parties realize their lack of support for their constituency has cost them their jobs, the people who represent us will again be under our control.

If this makes sense to you pass it on.





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