Harvard Analysis Confirms 9 to 5 Jobs Are Dying Out.

Harvard Analysis Confirms 9 to 5 Jobs Are Dying Out.

Harvard did an in-depth analysis of all the jobs added to the economy over the last few years.

The result? Only 6% were traditional full-time jobs.

The remaining 94% were temporary or contract type positions like Uber or freelancing.

Just as I’ve been saying over the last few years, the 9-5 traditional jobs are dying out. And it’s no longer people like me sounding the alarm, Harvard, America’s premier learning institution has stepped up and joined the fray.

Want some more bad news?

In the last three years alone, wages have nose-dived by 6%. And that’s not even taking inflation into account.

So, what do you do?

Because you’d better do something!

When I was laid off in 2010, right in the middle of the Great Recession, I had a mortgage, a car payment and two kids in college. And nobody was hiring. Especially a 50-year-old like me. What made matters worse, was that the company who published my books, along with the thousands of bookstores that carried them, went out of business.

Tough times.

Looking back, I now realized it was my own fault. I had been in corporate for 30 years, yet I knew very little about how to make money.

Like nearly everyone I knew, I believed you made money by getting a job, saving a little each paycheck for retirement and worked till you were 65.

I had no idea how my 401K worked and so I wound up losing all my investments when the market crashed.

What a dope!

I know better now and if you continue reading you will too.

Here’s what you need to know.

The majority of businesses are moving online. The reason is Amazon has made buying online simple, and so, they’re crushing their competition and their profits have skyrocketed. Wal-Mart is struggling to catch up, so is Target and all the others. And an online company named aliexpress will likely take them all out.

Within 5 years Malls will be a thing of the past.

This is the new economy, and you need to become part of it. Here’s how you start.

You learn how to start your own online business and make money promoting affiliate products and services. It will be slow at first but as your skills improve, so will your profits until you have an additional income stream profitable enough for you to easily survive losing your job.

I know it sounds difficult and you doubt you could do it. But I know from experience that it isn’t difficult, and YOU CAN DO IT!

This is important. You need to start doing this NOW because it takes time to build your brand and have customers get to know and trust you.

Starting an online business is very inexpensive and not at all hard. You don’t have to mortgage your house, sell your car or apply for an SBA loan.

This is what you need to do. Click on this website and watch the short video. In it you will see how setting up an online business only requires cut and paste skills, which business types generate a steady income and how to position your online business so customers can find you.

I know it works because I did what I am suggesting you do now and I have not needed a day job since 2012.

But what is this going to cost me? you ask.

Here’s the deal and it’s a very straightforward one.

When you go to this website, you will learn from experienced professionals exactly how its done in a short an easy to follow video. Once you watch the video you will have the option of becoming a member.

As a member, you will learn everything you need to know to start a successful online business. They even have software that analyzes your completed website and advises you how to monetize it for additional profits. And its done at your convenience. You can go back and review any of the material as much as you want whenever you want. There is no time limits or tests. Most finish the course before the ninety days are up but remain members because they are always looking to improve and generate more income.

As for the price, it is $29.95 a month. That gives you full access to all the instruction, all the software and all the special attention from instructors, who will guide you to success.

Here’s the most important part.

If at any time during the first 90 days, you decide this isn’t for you, they will refund all your monthly payments. To learn more Click Here

Here’s what to base your decision on:

Is it beneficial to you to know how to start a successful online business in case your present position is eliminated?

Can you afford the monthly $29.95? I was with them for six months before I struck out on my own. And it was worth every penny. Remember you can quit at any time, (but you only get your money back if you inform them of your decision to leave before the 90 days are up.)

Are you willing to watch the short video in order to see if what they offer is for you?

If you’re concerned about your day job and would like to have your own business that generates income on a regular basis, then you should look into this offer. I did and it changed my life.














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