I Warned You About This and Now It’s Here.

I Warned You About This and Now It’s Here.

written by Zackary Richards

In my soon to be released course on The Best Ways to Get Rich, I talk about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. No, not the four talked about in legend but the four already here or on their way.
They are:
The 3 D printer
IBM’s Watson
The Amazon Drone
The Google Car.
The first three are already in production and are rapidly replacing workers who have spent thousands of dollars training for those specific jobs and now have huge student debt and no marketable skills.
The only hurdle for the Google car, a vehicle that needs no human driver, was that it’s against the law to have an on-road vehicle without a driver, to act, in case the onboard computer malfunctioned.
“Too dangerous!” Congress said. Which in Congressional speak means, “You’re going to have to put up a hell of a lot more money for us to push this job-killing, pedestrian endangering horror show of a bill into law!”
Fortunately, major corporations stepped up and bravely raised the money to convince Congress to pass the bill and to employ vast herds of spin doctors to convince the American people that driverless vehicles will prevent accidents and save lives!
 Here’s the link. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-house-unanimously-approves-sweeping-self-driving-car-163947443–finance.html
So, if you oppose the bill, they can counter with ads showing blood-stained teddy-bears on the side of the road, amid twisted metal and broken glass with the caption, Human error caused little Billy death. Don’t allow human error to prevent this lifesaving bill from passing. Driverless vehicles save lives!
What they aren’t mentioning is that it isn’t driverless cars they are interested in. They don’t give a shit if you and your family drive off a cliff. It’s driverless tractor-trailers, driverless delivery trucks, driverless buses, and taxis. That’s where the real savings come in.
With the last of the four horsemen saddling up and preparing to ride into our economy, you’re going to need to change the way you were taught to earn a living, because when you really get down to it, what you were actually trained for was indentured servitude.
Take a moment to think about that.
Our earliest memories are to ASK, to say PLEASE, and THANK YOU. To get PERMISSION. To stay IN LINE. Because you will be punished if you “Get out of line.”
Too often we rely on the approval of other people. For them to love us or hire us or purchase our products. And when they don’t, we’re crushed.
How many asses do you have to kiss to attain a goal? How often do you have to kowtow to the whims of some imbecile simply because he or she’s your boss? How long are you going to permit someone else to have the power to cut off your income stream whenever they choose?  
How about not having to put up with any of that?
 Stay tuned and I’ll show you how.
Then there’s the saying, Pay your dues to get ahead. Pay your dues to who? Why do we have a debt mentality?
Screw that!
Retirement savings? It’s a fool’s game. Inflation eats away at it every day so when you do get to retire, the money saved will be worth less than it is now.
In this new economy, you don’t wait for permission, don’t ask for permission, don’t accept permission.
You simply get up off your ass and go it alone.
The only thing you truly need is confidence. Steve Jobs once said the key to business success is to figure out what you’d want to have that doesn’t yet exist.
 I.e. An idea.
And the willingness to act on it.
Once you have an idea, write it down in an idea notebook. What may seem like a dopey idea now may seem brilliant in a year or two. Why? Because the brain’s creative process does not work linearly.
I learned this while writing my fiction books. I’d be writing chapter 3 or so and I’d be three-quarters of the way through when I realized the course the story was taking didn’t fit and didn’t make sense.
 So, I deleted it.
 Big mistake. Because later in the story, say chapter eleven, the part I deleted was a perfect fit for where the story should go, so I’d have to rewrite those pages, a tedious and time-consuming job.
That’s when I realized the creative process works like a jig-saw puzzle. You’ll write chapters one, two and three, and then unknowing write chapter seven, then eight, then four and so on. This is why I create a scrap file for parts of the story that don’t yet fit and never number my chapters until the book is completed.

 That’s why you write down all your ideas.

A successful idea needs only two things. The ability to know what to do after you implement each stage of the idea. For example, you have any idea for an app. Your research and see that it is something people would likely pay money to have. Think of the flashlight app on your smartphone.
You then contact a software designer on upwork.com or guru.com and get bids for creating that app. Or if it’s a physical product like a game, start a Kickstarter crowdfunding account to raise cash to have it manufactured.
Next, you’re going to need to contact potential businesses to carry, sell and promote your product.
And this is where most people fail. Because the thought of rejection cripples them. They’re terrified to make that first, second or third call. What if they all reject it?
So what? Every time you call you get better at it.
Harlan Sanders of KFC called on 1028 businesses before he sold his first franchise. Why did he persist? Because he knew his product was great, the only obstacle was convincing store owners to sell it. And once he did, it became a juggernaut.
 And it doesn’t have to be your idea. Ray Kroc was a milkshake machine salesman when he entered the first MacDonald’s and was suddenly struck by the franchise possibilities! He immediately ran out and got financial backing and the rest is history.
 What most people don’t realize is that investors WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. They want to be made aware of investment opportunities. Once you realize that these people are no better than you or smarter than you, all you need do is convince them that your idea has merit, you have a clear plan of how you will make it work, and exactly what you’ll need and the time it will take to generate a profit.
 Most of all, don’t wait for other people to help you. They won’t. You want success? Start now. If you don’t already subscribe to this newsletter Sign up HERE.
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That’s all for now. See you next Monday

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