The Best Ways to Get Rich Part 7-The 5 Things People Want Most in Life.

The Best Ways to Get Rich Part 7-The 5 Things People Want Most in Life.

When I began researching what people really wanted, I was a bit surprised to discover how similar those needs were.
Bottom Line? Life is tough and people want it easy.
The thing is that life can be EASIER, but most people don’t know how to make that happen.
So, let’s start with a countdown of what people want most.
            5. Stability: Although most of us want excitement and adventure from time to time (That certainly was the case with me, check out my book, Beerculees The Beer-Fueled Exploits of an Aging Baby Boomer HERE). What we really want is a stable environment. Want a job that pays well in a company in good financial shape. Want to come home to a relaxing environment, be with people they enjoy, to be warm, fed and rested. A place where they can feel safe and secure.
  1. 4. Confidence: I believe people could have much happier lives if they simply accept the fact that if you have a product or service that other people need, they want to know about it. If it benefits them in some manner, they want to hear from you. So, tell them about it. The most important thing to remember is if they decide not to purchase your product or service, they aren’t rejecting you, they simply do not need that product or service at that time.
    3. Freedom: America is known as the Land of the Free. But you aren’t really free if you have to get up at a certain time, travel to a certain place, do as you are told, eat at a certain time and leave at a certain time. I spent the better part of my life living under those conditions. Now, because I have my own business, I set my own hours, work from my home office, eat when I’m hungry, work until I’m tired, and go on vacation whenever I feel I need one.
     2. Lack of Enough Money: Too often we stick with jobs we hate, put up with abusive bosses, work weekends and holidays just because we need the money. Remember, as long as you work for someone else, THEY control every aspect of your life. You were hired to make them rich, once that is accomplished, whatever happens to you is not their concern.
     1. Not Knowing What You Want Out of Life: I’ve noticed a lot of this in Millennials. And I believe with good reason. Not since the Greatest Generation, those who grew up during the Depression and World War 2, has a generation faced such difficult times. Since 2001 we’ve been in a constant state of war, lost tens of thousands of jobs to advancing tech and outsourcing, endured the Great Recession, been enslaved by massive student debt, and are facing the very real possibility of entering retirement without Social Security and Medicare.
For those reading this, here’s what you need to know:
   Look at your profession. If advancing technology poses a threat (think IBM’s Watson Computer, the 3D printer) You need to take action now. The advantage we have that our predecessors didn’t, is that we have access to all the knowledge in existence. With the Internet, Google and YouTube, we can learn to do anything. Become an expert at anything. There are millions of tutorials on millions of topics. I learned to become a successful online marketer by watching online instruction.
Like to cook? You can become a professional chef.  Like fixing cars? Become a professional mechanic. Like selling?  There are thousands of tutorials teaching that profession.
 Basically, you can become any damn thing you want BUT!…..

You MUST commit to doing it.

Here’s what’s wrong with America in a nutshell.
Our great-grandparents understood how life worked. They understood that you needed to have friends, needed to know people and have them know you. Needed to show that their word was their bond and they could be trusted. Could handle responsibility and understood the necessity of saving money for a “rainy day.” And they knew the importance of raising their children to be responsible, law-abiding citizens, and if they had to paddle their asses to drive the point home, then so be it.
Today, spanking your children can land you in jail. Children are bribed for doing what they are supposed to do, like chores or getting good grades. They receive awards just for showing up. They are taught to report a bully instead of standing up to him. Are taught not to keep score in games because that would hurt people’s feelings. That fame is more important than integrity. Taught that the police are brutes and thugs and drug-dealers are hard-working entrepreneurs
 That’s not preparing them for life, that is preparing them for extinction.
 Saving money loses its value because inflation is higher than the bank’s interest rate. Employers have access to your credit score, so if you owe money they aren’t likely to hire you for fear of embezzlement. You can’t voice a conflicting opinion without being called mean-spirited, a racist or a hate-monger. Lawyers have so corrupted the legal system that you can be sued for just about anything. Then they tangle you in legal machinations so it’s guaranteed that he who has the most money wins.
We have gone from a nation led by men of impeccable honor and courage. Of industry giants, builders, inventors and risk takers to a pathetic group led by shrill hyper-sensitives, pseudo-intellectuals, philosophers, hedonists, corporate whores and sex-tape purveyors.
Common sense dictates that this state of affairs cannot continue. Anything this defective and wrong-headed will collapse. And as society attempts to dig itself from the rubble, there will be those who, like me, saw this eventuality and prepared for it, and those who, although fully understand that what I’m saying is true, will delay taking action until everything around them starts falling apart and then, in panic and desperation, scramble to avoid poverty and homelessness.
By then it will be too late.
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