The Best Ways to Get Rich Part 4- Legitimate Work from Home Jobs.

Note* Much of the information that follows was collected from Michael Haaren, the CEO of Stafficentrix and author of Work at Home NOW, and the founder of
As for me, after being downsized in 2010, I discovered that I could make a very good living working from home. Back then, the working from home opportunities were mostly scams that required a lot of work with little, if any, compensation.
But that all changed with the monetization of the internet and the Great Recession of 2008.
It’s been reported by the Bureau of Labor statistics that nearly 20% of those downsized during that period have dropped off the grid. In fact, they are no longer considered part of the workforce and are not counted when unemployment statistics are reported.
So, what happened to these people?
Like me, they learned how to make a living working from home with their own business.
Now before you dismiss that option because you don’t believe you could successfully run your own business, just hear me out.
Because many companies can’t afford full-time or even part-time workers, they have used the internet to have people from home do certain tasks for them for a specific price.
 Here are some examples:

You can answer calls from a company’s customers and prospective customers.

Here are three of the top home-based worker’s employers:
The standard pay is between $9-$12 dollars an hour although some go as high as $20 dollars an hour or more depending on your expertise.

You can earn a living assessing a company’s websites to make sure the search results reflect what the company offers. Technical expertise is not needed just basic computer skills.

Companies hiring in this regard are:
You can visit websites and inform employers of your impression of those sites.

Website owners need to know if their sites are inviting and interesting. Or if they aren’t and are driving customers away.

One company paying for these services is:
 Just scroll to the bottom and click on Join our tester panel
Note* Pays about 9 dollars an hour and is NOT steady work. Hired only as needed. However, it is easy work and could help increase your skills.

You can work as a moderator on website communities. These people are hired to step-in to remove offensive comments, expel trouble makers and to make sure the website’s terms of use are being followed.

Companies that hire are:

You could do certain tasks for employers that they are too busy to do for themselves, such as becoming a virtual assistant. You could be asked to pick up laundry, stand on line, drop off cars, do data entry, etc.

 Company’s that offer these jobs are

You can also be paid to transcribe business meetings or post content to blogs.

Companies that hire for these positions are:
Cambridge Transcriptions
Here’s what you need to know.
Day jobs are drying up. Most of the big box stores are closing stores and selling online. Malls are dying and those jobs that support them are dying as well.
 Whether you know it or not we are in the midst of an economic overhaul and just as our great-great grandparents had to leave the farms for a better life working in the factories, it’s time you join the online community, start generating online income and build a network of companies who want your services.
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 My thanks to Michael Haaren for providing much of the above information. Please visit his website




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