The Best Ways to Get Rich. Part 1

The Best Ways to Get Rich.

    Let’s start with you asking yourself this question.

    You likely attended school for at least 12 years, and during that time you were taught Algebra, American history, science, a foreign language, literature, ancient Greece and Rome, and a few other inconsequentials that you were forced to study and commit to memory.

    How much of that knowledge do you presently use in daily life?

    If you’re like most people, you use none of them, or if you do, it’s to use that arcane knowledge to answer questions when you watch Jeopardy.

    There are only 4 essential tools to learn to succeed in life. And they are the ability to read, to write, to do mathematics, and the one they don’t teach you.

    The Ability to Make Money!

    Now take a moment to think about that. Knowing how to make money, how to steadily increase your income, how to create an investment portfolio, how to build income streams, and how to buy investment property are absolutely essential skills to have if you are to have a debt-free, financially successful life.

    Yet never taught.

    I can honestly tell you that had I been taught those skills in high school, I would have been a millionaire by my mid-thirties.

    And since I’m nobody special, it’s very likely you would have been one too.

    Instead, I was locked into that hamster-wheel of corporate America, working myself to death to make my employers rich.

    This is not to say I resent them or begrudge them or any such thing. I was paid the going rate for my services and was treated professionally for the most part by all those I labored for.

    Then the Great Recession hit and in 2010, at fifty years of age, I was downsized.

    At that point all corporations were downsizing, nobody was hiring. Especially a fifty-year-old guy who needed a living wage to pay his mortgage, car payments and credit cards.

    Then I was struck by one of the most horrifying realizations of all.

    All I was trained to do was work in a corporate environment. I was a middle-management office worker. But with so many employees being laid off there is no need for middle-management when there isn’t anyone left to manage.

    I had become obsolete.

    Here’s why you need to listen to me and learn from my mistakes.

    Rule #1 Never put yourself in a position where someone else is in complete control of your income stream. Remember, their main concern is their own financial well-being, not yours.

    Rule #2 Learn how to create your own income streams. The easiest way to do this is to create an online business. It’s easy to do and once you get good at it, you can make it a full-time business which is what I have done.

    Now you need to understand that creating an online business is no get rich quick scheme, or magic money making button, or any such nonsense.

    Creating a successful online business takes time and certain skills you will develop as you build your business and invest your profits back into it.

    Think of it as an emergency plan. Something that will keep food on the table and a roof over your head if you suddenly find yourself without a job or an outside income source.

    And you need to start NOW. Today.

    Why? Because building any business, whether online or brick and mortar, takes time. It can take up to six months before you start seeing a steady profit.

    So take action to protect yourself and your loved ones from having to go through what I did. I came very close to becoming homeless and filing for bankruptcy.


    It’s free and once there, over time you will learn the skills necessary to become financially independent.

    I started doing freelance work. Since corporations could no longer afford to keep employees working full time, freelancing suddenly became very lucrative. Once I saw there was money to be made online, I started looking into other means to generate additional income.

    I write well so I was hired to write business blogs, then learned how to create websites, do PowerPoint presentations, create videos.

    Now you may be saying, “Yeah well good for you, but I don’t know how to do those things.

    The truth is, NEITHER DID I!

    I learned those skill by watching YouTube Videos and doing Google searches.

    Seriously, you can learn any skill by watching YouTube, Wikihow, and a Google search.

    So ask yourself honestly. Since you can make money online, since you can learn any skill to market to people who need those skills, what possible excuse could you have not to learn to become financially independent?

    Come join us and I’ll teach you how to become financially independent working for yourself.

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